We’re back! We have now resumed operations. All amenities are available, including the steam room and sauna, showers, dark room, and video lounge. Covid protocals in effect. In order to promote social distancing, we are only renting out rooms at this time.

Q:  What are your hours?

A:  We’re open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, seven days a week.

Q:  Where are you again?

A:  We’re at 1610 Dundas Street West, corner of Brock Avenue. The 505 Dundas streetcar drops you off right near our door.

Q:  What facilities do you provide?

A:   We offer a steam room, dry sauna, showers, locker room, dark room, video room and front television lounge.

Q:  Do I have to take out a membership?

A:  We do not require any form of membership.

Q:  Can anyone come in?

A:  We are a men’s establishment, serving a gay and bisexual clientele.  You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

Q:  What do you charge?

A:  Monday to Thursday, lockers $14 and rooms $18.  Friday to Sunday, lockers $17 and rooms $24.  Double rooms are also available.  All prices include HST.  We only accept cash payment at this time.

Q:  Any student discount?

A:  Students get a locker for $8, a room for $12.   And that’s SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.  Just show valid ID or equivalent from a post-secondary institution.

Q:  What about a deposit?

A:   We do not ask for a deposit on locks or keys.  Please leave your key and/or lock at the front reception on your way out.  Thank you!

Q:  You don’t take debit or credit?

A:  Sorry for the inconvenience but currently we are only equipped to accept cash payment.

Q:  How long are your rentals?

A:  All rentals are for six hours.

Q:  Can I upgrade from a locker to a room any time?

A:  Sure, as long as a room is available. Just ask a staff member and pay the difference.

Q:  What do I wear?

A:  Once inside the premises, you must undress, lock all personal effects in the locker provided, and wear a towel during your stay.  Street clothes are not permitted (except on your way in or out … then they are preferred).

Q:  What if I need an extra towel?

A:   Just ask a staff member for another towel.  No charge.

Q:  Can I smoke?

A:  City bylaw does not permit smoking anywhere on the premises.   If you need to take a smoke, you will have to go outside to the street.  We do our best to accommodate but please be patient if a staff member isn’t immediately available to buzz you back inside.

Q:  Do you allow drugs?

A:  The safety and security of our customers and staff is very important to us.  As such, we do not permit drugs or alcohol anywhere within the premises.