Hot, hot, hot

So, we’re into the hot and hazy days of August.  As summer heats up, how are you gonna cool off?  Well, why not a long, cold shower at Splash Steam and Sauna?  Great idea!  That’ll cool you down.  But then some hot boy steps out, all dripping wet.  Oh, dear.  So, what are you going to do?  Well, we’ll leave that up to you.  See ya!!


Hot out, isn’t it?

This seems to be for an underwear label but who cares about that.  He can wear anything he darn well likes. Right?  It’s been one hot summer and it doesn’t seem to be cooling off in any hurry.  At least not yet.  So, why not come on down to Splash Steam and Sauna where you can take a cold shower, before things really heat up, all over again. Matthew-Noszka (1)

Chill, baby

Hot out, isn’t it?  You bet.  Well, Splash Steam and Sauna is fully air conditioned so you can cool off after that steamy encounter in the sauna.  What?  You have no idea what we’re talking about.  Sure, sure.  Anyway, come on down, chill and see if things heat up later on.


We’re open! (well, of course we are …. )

So, you were wondering, is Splash Steam and Sauna really open throughout the Victoria Day weekend? Yes, we are! So drop that Roman Candle or Burning Schoolhouse before something really explodes and run, don’t walk, all the way to 1610 Dundas St. W. before you miss out on all the fun! So why are you still sitting at your computer? I dunno either. See ya!!


Our Student Discount gets top marks!

Did we ever mention our Student Discount?  Well, it’s first class!  Just show your student card (or equivalent) from a post-secondary institution of higher learning and insight and get a locker for $8, or a room for $12. And that’s (OMG) 7 DAYS A WEEK!!  So, all you bright young scholars, pack-up those text books and that laptop and head to Splash Steam and Sauna  ’cause you want to “GET WET!”  See ya!!12794626