Thanks so very much!

We just wanted to say how much we really appreciate all the support we’ve received since the reopening. So many of our old regular customers have come back, which has been so very encouraging. And new faces, too! We’re always so glad to see new faces. It’s been really incredible and we wanted to extend a great big thank you to everyone for all your support!

We can’t wait!

We’re happy, you might even say ecstatic, to announce that we will be reopening Friday, July 16th. It’s been a long time coming and we can’t wait to throw open the door and welcome everybody back. Of course, there’ll be a few things different, like masks, and Covid screening, and contact tracing and yah-ta-duh etc. etc. You know the routine. And for the interim, we will only be renting out rooms, no lockers, to promote social distancing. But the steam room and sauna will be back up and running for your relaxation and pleasure. And so too will the dark room and video room be back for, well, your relaxation and pleasure. So, hope to see you soon!